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We are passionate about web design, development and all digital marketing channels. Crafting websites out of nothing and creating digital marketing campaigns that deliver is what gives us a real buzz. If you'd like to find out more about Omnicoda or how we can help your business then please do contact us.

Daniel Lee


I've always had an interest in computers and technology, even way back in primary school when I would set up all of the computers for the classrooms (there weren't that many back then!). Despite this, I chose to study traditional Chinese medicine whilst at university; definitely not anything to do with computers. After studying this for a while, I realised that this wasn't something I was really passionate about and decided to quit.

It was then in my early 20s I realised computers, web and digital marketing were something that I was genuinely interested in and could see myself doing as a career. I embarked upon teaching myself web design and development, learning to build sites by myself. Upon launching my first site I noticed that thousands of people don't just magically turn up to your website and so my exposure to digital marketing began.

I had a particular interest in SEO and because of this I managed to land my first marketing role at a digital agency in East London. This was an excellent experience which taught me a lot due to the exposure to other marketing channels and also dealing with clients, both big and small. Since then I have worked at a number of digital marketing agencies, each teaching me something new.

My passion for digital is greater than ever and it is due to the ever changing nature of this industry that I doubt I will ever get bored of it. My dream would be to use the skills that I have acquired to create something that will genuinely make a difference to the world.

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