All Eyes On You – Vector Eye Icons

Check out our latest vector eye icons - All Eyes On You...

27th April 2016

All Eyes On You - Vector Eye Icons

I’ve been keen to design our own icons more recently so I thought I’d start a series of icon designs/icons that I will post at least once weekly. To kick us off, I have created some vector eye icons, what with them being the windows to the soul etc. and also how they could be quite a useful icon for many website designs.

I also wanted to explore colour with this and so I have created a few colour combinations to see which ones particularly stand out. My partner has said the blue iris on a purple background is the one that stands out to her. For me I’m thinking the purple iris on a teal background stands out.

I’m considering making an animated version of this vector, but that may have to be an update in the following weeks.

Here’s my vector eye icon design…

All Eyes On You - Vector Eye Icons

Let me know which one of the vector eye icons stands out most to you and let me know if you think there would be some other interesting colour combinations.

The Author: Daniel Lee

Daniel Lee
I'm a bit of a geek if I had to say so myself. I love web design & development and digital marketing. I've got quite a passion for conversion rate optimisation right now. I find the insights into your customers thoughts and behaviour fascinating.

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