Spacious – Planet and Space Vector Icons

Continuing my weekly vector icons I decided to do some space vectors this week as it was Star Wars Day on May 4th and it is apparently National Space Day on the 6th of May .

6th May 2016


Before I begin, I must credit Nina Geometrieva for her work as it is an excellent example of this style. I also must credit Chris Spooner of Spoon Graphics for creating a brilliant tutorial for this style, which you can read here.

Ok, so I have designed 4 vector icons for this week, a star (the yellow one), a planet with a ring (Saturn-esque), an Earth like planet with a moon and a random purple/pink planet. I decided to add an outer glow behind them to give them a bit of a spacey, heavenly effect (the purple/pink planet might be a bit much).


I will probably be doing a space themed vector landscape within the next couple of months as No Man’s Sky is being released at the end of June and if it is as good as I hope it will be, it should be an industry changing game.

I have an icon theme lined up for next week. I am going to be redesigning the logo of a business that reached out to me, so we’ll see that that turns out!

Let me know if you have any ideas for vector icons for the following weeks in the comments below.

The Author: Daniel Lee

Daniel Lee
I'm a bit of a geek if I had to say so myself. I love web design & development and digital marketing. I've got quite a passion for conversion rate optimisation right now. I find the insights into your customers thoughts and behaviour fascinating.

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